VapeSafe | Promoting Safer Vaping for all

Vape Safe is Europe’s leading Electronic Cigarette Industry body, lending research and study from major universities, through to consulting and product advising to government and industry alike.

Vape Safe has three major working groups:

eLiquid Vendors and Brands.  Careful and thoughtful research has gone into a body of standards for eLiquid.  While a much safer alternative to smoking, with massive harm reduction properties, electronic cigarette liquid should be produced under demanding standards, giving end customers reliable product before ingesting into their body.  To learn more about Vape Safe eLiquid regulations, click here.

eCigarette hardware manufactures and distributors.  An eCigarette can be an intimate item that a person carries with them throughout the day, every day.  It is therefor important that the eCigarette pass certain quality control standards.  Hardware is inspected for battery cell capacity standardisation, charging control chip, and battery chemistry.  To learn more about Vape Safe Hardware regulation, click here.

eCigarette Vendors programme for both High Street stores and Online. A template for values and standards for small and medium eCig businesses. By working with Local trading standards and assisting vendors with legal compliances, such as the Distance Selling Regulations of 2000, both consumers and owners benefit.  To learn more about the Vape Safe Vendors Programme, click here.

Industry Guidance

Much has been made of the recent EU ruling that electronic cigarettes should not be considered as medical devices. One of the factors in that decision is the self-regulation that Vape Safe and other European Associations have undertaken.

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E-Liquid Testing

E-Liquid is tested for nicotine purity, absence of adulterants, and quality control to ensure consumers are getting what they pay for with reliable results.

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Hardware Testing

Hardware is tested for safety, as advertised specifications, and the presence of hazardous materials. Consumers know your products can be trusted.

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Joining Vape Safe™

Vape Safe is a not for profit industry body, making guidance for the 21st century of new harm reducing nicotine products. Joining couldn't be easier.

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What our Members say

The thorough testing by Vape Safe™ of our products lets our European customers know of the safety and quality that we put into our products.
Sue Situ – Yi Loong, China
Vape Safe™ has provided me with the right guidance on selecting the right e-liquid for my customers, made in Europe and the USA. My customers appreciate quality, and its my responsibility to be a good steward of my community.
Tom Hughes – eCig Cavern, UK
"As a long time smoker, and now vaper, its good to know that the industry is focused on providing products with reduced harm. With all the hurt that tobacco has caused, vaping can really make a difference in the lives of others, I know its made a difference in my life."
Rick Heinberger, ex-smoker – UK
"Being part of Vape Safe means that our customers know that we care about them, from our production methods right through to our ethics and standards"
Arthur Han, CEO – Epic Juice LLC, USA