Product Auditing

Professional product auditing targeted at safety and quality.


eLiquid Auditing Services;

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Nicotine Purity Testing, lab scale GCMS.

Nicotine is tested for active alkaloids only, with a purity ranking applied to higher quality batches. Highest purity is achieved by the presence of only the 14th nicotine molecule present, without adulterants.Vape Safe™ Platinum Vendors submit nicotine four times a year for purity testing

Materials Sourcing

Documentation of manufacture, country of origin and lot number shall be kept for all eLiquid distributed. Lot numbers and Batch Dates shall be printed to bottles for tracing of product. Records must be kept for 2 (two) years at the address registered with companies house. It is recommended that Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin be sourced domestically whenever possible, secondly in a westernized country, and never sourced in China as certifications cannot be proven for Chinese made eLiquids. Vape Safe™ can request an audit at any time, particulary based on customer complaints.


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Hardware Auditing Services;

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Vape Safe™ regularly audits eCigarette batteries for correct mAh ratings, overcharging protection chip presence, discharge, and RoHS compliance. Vape Safe™ also tests for the presence of radioactivity from recycled materials in atomizers. Vape Safe™ Platinum vendors have random sampling of hardware devices tested for quality.


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